55 Shades of Gay- Casting


Rehearsed Reading Global Queer Plays, Arcola theatre, March 3rd 1pm.
This is a fantastic black comedy about the topic of gay marriage in a small town, originating in Cossovo. Highlights include a talking typewriter, a condom factory and a grenade launcher.
Rehearsal will be minimal, in the week of the show, but with the aim of bringing the script as close to production ready as possible!
Please email tasmine_airey@hotmail.co.uk with your name, character name and availability for the week of the show. Any videos of your work (a monologue or performance clip) will be most welcome!

All characters should be of International descent- we are looking to represent the universality and breadth of queer experience.  Despite the character names- all characters have a breadth of text to cover, there are no small roles!

Age and gender suggestions are scripted suggestions ONLY and casting will be gender blind and open to all, so apply for whoever you feel most comfortable playing! This is an LGBT+ play with adult themes.

Adriano- younger Italian man (other nationalities welcome to apply!)

Tree- Any gender.

Hikimete/grenade launcher- woman of international descent

Mayor- man of international descent

Merlin- younger man of international descent

EU Commisioner- Any gender, comedy role

Typewriter- my favourite role in this play, the legendary talking typewriter, any gender.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!