2017 Tits/Teeth,
National Youth Theatre
Devised, Louise (Lead).

2017 The Drag- The Arcola
Peter Darney, Claire (Lead).

2016, Gender In Shakespeare- The Willow Globe
Anna Sullivan, Viola and Orsino (Lead).

2016, Coriolanus Excerpts- The Barbican
Bridget Escolme
, First Citizen.

2016, Nothing Like The Sun- Rich Mix
Brock Elwick
Rosaline (Lead).

2016, Lolita- The Barons Court Theatre
Chris Diacoupolos, Lolita (Lead). 

2015, Roundhouse Invisible Circus- Latitude Festival
Sarah Kim Fielding, The Tinder Goddess (Lead).


2017 LIGHT,
Brock Elwick, (Lead)

2016, Bad Wolves, Collins Collaboration Productions, Robert Barron, 
Scarlett (Lead).

2016, Electra, 3LP Productions, Nathan Webster, Lady In Red.

2016, Lilah's Pages, Najood Alterkawi, Lilah (Lead).

2016, Grace,  Armand Kayitankore, Susan (Lead).

2015, FIX,  Brock ElwickElle (Lead).