Tasmine is an outstanding and versatile actress... She is able to embody a wide variety of characters with ease, and create the desired mood. Her attention to detail brings out the best in her performances, and she takes direction with ease. She brings a script to life but is also able to improvise if the project calls for it.
— Jennifer Collins, Producer, Collins Collaboration Productions
Tasmine is an incredibly talented and hardworking actress. I have had the pleasure of working with her on numerous occasions and am constantly impressed by the levels of professionalism, complexity and depth which she brings to set.
Inspiring to work with and a continuous source of humour and insight, Tasmine is a credit to any production!
— Brock Elwick, Director, FIX
Tasmine is a talented and pro active theatre maker who has a dedicated and thorough approach to her work
— Sarah Kim Fielding, Director and TheatreMaker, Roundhouse